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Avent Nipple Protectors, 2 Pk

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If your nipples become sore or cracked from breastfeeding, use the Philips AVENT standard nipple protector to protect and heal your skin while you continue to breastfeed your baby. Babies can latch on over the shield and easily nurse through the three holes at the peak. The shape allows skin contact with baby and is made of odorless, tasteless, ultra-fine silicone.
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  • Title: These work okay

    I bought these because I wanted very badly to breastfeed my daughter but we were having latch-on problems. I was told that nipple shields could be helpful for this. I went with the Avent because overall I don't really recommend these specific nipple shields. I can't get them to stay in place and they are really akward. My daughter dislikes using them and I can't get her to nurse with these. If you are in the market for a nipple shield

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  • Title: These work okay

    I bought these because I wanted very badly to breastfeed my daughter but we were having latch-on problems. I was told that nipple shields could be helpful for this. I went with the Avent because overall I don't really recommend these specific nipple shields. I can't get them to stay in place and they are really akward. My daughter dislikes using them and I can't get her to nurse with these. If you are in the market for a nipple shield

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  • Title: A godsend for sore nipples

    They are saving our breastfeeding sessions. I was in so much pain I could barely do it anymore. My daughter doesn't seem to care breastshields or not as long as the milk is flowing. Thumbs up! Thanks Avent!

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  • Title: Avent Standard Protector's

    Good product, We just didn't use it as much as we thought we would. Overall, if you need them get them.

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  • Title: Only one thing I would change....

    My son lost more than 10% of his birth weight within the first 5 days, mostly because my milk hadn't come in yet. So the doctor told me to nurse him, but with each feeding give him at least 2-3 ounces of formula in addition to what he ate while breastfeeding. At first, I thought this was a great idea since I was so worried about his weight but wish I'd done research before following those orders.... Either way, after the first bottle he wouldn't even try to latch on anymore. We had trouble in the hospital since I have flat nipples as it is. So I was heartbroken and pumping trying to figure out the problem. But then I tried the Medela shields and they were terribly awkward and I wanted more skin to skin contact to make it more like we weren't using anything. These were wonderful! They stayed in place nicely (although any of them are awkward and do come off easily with little hands flailing all over the place) and gave more skin to skin contact, which also allowed him to get a wider, more proper latch. My only problem with them is that the holes are very large, and as he sucked my nipple to the surface some of the skin would come through the holes and that really hurts. I'm still trying to use them when I can stand it, but I'm still mostly pumping and feeding him with a bottle. Good luck to all of you nursing moms!!!

  • Rating

  • Title: A relief!

    We have our second son and my wife asked me to buy them again, why? She has a relief when feeding the new born! So

  • Rating

  • Title: It's ok...prefer Medela's shield

    I disliked using a shield in general, and fortunately was able to get my son to latch at 4 weeks without it. He finally started gaining the right amount of weight once I got rid of it so if you can avoid using these completely, try to...they can hinder the nursing process causing baby to not get enough milk. If it is absolutely necessary for you to use one

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  • Title: Best $ ever spent!

    I am nursing our newborn daughter and struggled with increasing pain/blistering/cracking over the past week. Desperate to make it work, I ordered these hoping to find some relief so I wouldn't have to resort to exclusive pumping. I tried them as soon as they arrived and they work wonderfully! Can nurse without pain and already seeing some healing after only a couple days of use. In order to prevent slipping, I applied a thin layer of lanolin before positioning the protectors to create a gentle seal. Wish I had these with my first child!

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  • Title: Very useful

    A lot of lacting consultants hold off on recommending to use this products. I think it is a must after a couple of days or the second day of having the baby. Prevent before being sorry. This product was very helpful until I created resistance.

  • Rating

  • Title: Excelent

    Muchisimas gracias todo llego como debía ser en el momento justo así que estoy compltante agradecido con ustedes muy contento

  • Rating

  • Title: Good purchase for new mom

    These are great for when you first start nursing and your nipples are sore. However, I found the nipple part to be pretty big for my newborn, reaching all the way to the back of his throat. It was pretty awkward for him, but he still managed to nurse and I didn't feel any pain! I only needed these for a day to heal enough, but they were worth it.

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  • Title: Prefer Medela's Nipple Shield

    I was given the Medela nipple shield in the hospital, but after a few weeks of use I was scared that I might lose or damage it and be unable to breastfeed my baby. I went to the store to buy a back up nipple shield. I bought the AVENT nipple shield because I got 2 for the price of 1 Medela one. I love my Medela nipple shield much better! Here are the differences: 1) AVENT is much stiffer 2) AVENT hurts to put on (not horribly bad) 3) AVENT does not stay on as well I still have the AVENT in my diaper bag incase of an emergency

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  • Title: Best Nipple Shields

    These were my favorite nipple shields by far! I tried the Medela brand prior and always had trouble with it staying in place. The Avent nipple shields allow more of your skin to touch baby and they are soooo much more afordable which enabled me to purchase more so that I had a few to get me through night time feedings. Also very durable and didn't seem to get as flimsy as the Medela with repeated washing & sterilizing.

  • Rating

  • Title: Saved our breastfeeding relationship

    I've never written a review before but have been so thoroughly pleased with this product that I felt compelled to do so. THESE SHIELDS SAVED MY BREASTFEEDING RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SON. Breastfeeding is difficult and painful, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Before my lactation consultant gave these to me I thought there was something wrong with me and I'd have to stop after only three days, or that something was wrong with him (so-called tongue-tie) and we were going to have to get his frenulum snipped. Thank goodness we didn't have to do either. It was still tough the first two months, but with these shields, not impossible. We ended up being able to nurse without them after a few months, and I'm proud to say we continued nursing until he weaned himself at 9 months. I think these should be standard issue for all nursing mothers.

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  • Title: Good Price, Not a Great Product

    The Avent Nipple protectors encapsulate the word "functional." They do their function; however, they are thick, large, and cause my baby to nurse harder. Unlike the Medela nipple shield that give size options and offer a much thinner, more supple plastic, these Avent protectors are one size and feel terrible. Their great upside is the price, which is basically half of the higher quality, better designed Medela guards. I would recommend these as backups or money savers. But you what you save in money, you lose in design and comfort.

  • Rating

  • Title: 5 stars for price, 4 stars for product

    Given the price and quality---5 stars! However there does not seem to be enough silicone for me and I constantly worry it will slip off and baby will choke. I use my medala (keep it in my bra between feedings) and prefer that one. bought these for price (2 for $7 is cheap) and it is comforting to have emergency back ups for car and purse that works even if I prefer the medela (which is about $11 each) I would buy these again given my budget."

  • Rating

  • Title: Helped us breastfeeding for the first time!

    I ordered both these and the Medela shields and the Avent came in first. We had had trouble bfing since we came home from the hospital and were dealing with poor latching, tongue thrust and pumping every 2 hours! I had resigned myself to formula feeding when a L&D nurse and close friend suggested these. We tried them out as soon as we got them and the feeling of relief and success brought me to tears as soon as my baby started nursing. I am afraid I'll lose them, so I plan on ordering a lot more just to have some in standby. I've read a lot from lactation consultants about how these hurt breastfeeding, but at this point I am just grateful that she is nursing.

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  • Title: Not like the other Avent Products

    I used these temporarily since initially my nipples were cracked and bleeding. My husband had gotten me NUK-barely there at Walmart. I ordered these (since I had their pump and loved it) and another brand through Amazon to see if they were better, and they both failed miserably. My daughter latched on without problems with the NUK-barely there, but she hated these. I believe since they were thicker and bulkier she disliked them. After trying to use them multiple times, I gave up and ordered extra NUK-barely there nipple shields. Don't waste your money on these.

  • Rating

  • Title: Like these better than medela!

    These are abit thicker than the medela ones they gave me in the hospital but me and my baby seemed to like them better. Great for latching problems!!

  • Rating

  • Title: Does the job

    This and the Medela shields are must haves for some nursing mothers. You gotta love the BPA free material. I would give it five stars but sometimes it doesn't stay on the nipple well.

  • Rating

  • Title: Awesome of us!

    Our baby didn't really start eating directly from breast until after about a month, and this is the only nipple shield he seemed to fall in love with . The hardness of the material is good and the square-like shape gives the baby room to breath. I'll recommend this one over Nurtria and even Medela's shield

  • Rating

  • Title: Really protects!

    I bought the nipple protector for my wife and she is quite happy with it. It seems that the baby instantly knew that something was not quite the same as before but after hesitate for a few seconds he started eating normally. My wife totally recomends this product and she has asked me buy another pair again."

  • Rating

  • Title: Great

    It met my expectations. I would certainly recommend it to a friend. Good quality product compared to similar products of its kind."

  • Rating

  • Title: Ok...others are better

    These get the job done but the baby easily knocks them off. The Nuk one stays on much better for me.

  • Rating

  • Title: They work but not my favorite

    I had to use shields due to inverted nipples... may baby could not latch on without them. I started using the medela shields but wanted to buy a few more to have on hand and these were cheaper. The material is thicker and less pliable than the medela shields. They work okay but I don't care for the thickness. I also had them leak while nursing. The nipple size is also fairly large. For me, I like the option to order a different size. The 20mm works better for me than the 24mm and the Avent doesn't have size options. So over all the product works and the price is nice but I found the Medela Contact Nipple Shield a better option for myself.

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