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Mam X Cut Silicone Nipple, 6+ Months, 2 Pack

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Babies find the switch easy because with MAM they both feel just as good. This is why the MAM silk teat is unique, and patented. MAM bottle X cut nipples are silicone nipples to use with the ultivent mam bottles for an extra fast flow. The cross cut opening is actually an "X" which allows thicker liquids to flow freely, as when feeding a child formula thickened with cereal. Better use with thicker liquids. This orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural sucking action, similar to breastfeeding. BPA free. Includes 2 X cut silicone nipples.
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  • Title: Nipple too long for my 8 month old =/

    My 8 month old baby did not like this nipple as it was a bit long and the milk directly positioned to the back of the throat. He chokes on it when I am laying him down. Then again he might just be so used to the Dr Brown nipples he has been using since he was born.

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  • Title: Nipple too long for my 8 month old =/

    My 8 month old baby did not like this nipple as it was a bit long and the milk directly positioned to the back of the throat. He chokes on it when I am laying him down. Then again he might just be so used to the Dr Brown nipples he has been using since he was born.

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  • Title: Great bottles- easy to clean

    I love these bottles. I love that the bottom unscrews - it makes them very easy to clean. I like the nipple shape and the fact that they do not collapse so hard to prevent the flow of liquid due to suction. However, they are quite different from the bottles I started with and my baby doesn't like the change. Start with these bottles and your baby will love them too.

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  • Title: Great as I expected!

    I've always used MAM bottles and pacifiers for my daughter, and I absolutely love them. This was just the next stage nipple, and it met the expectation that MAM has set for itself. I would definitely recommend a MAM feeding system.

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  • Title: Best product on the market

    Not only is this the only nipple my baby has ever taken to, they actually make a fast enough flow, as he is larger than the average 1 year old! And his transition to a sippy cup several times a day was seamless. The shape is closer to a sippy spout than anything else on the market. I do NOT, however, recommend the sippy cup nipples. My son switches back and forth from Nuk soft spout cups to Mam bottles.

  • Rating

  • Title: Best bottles and nipples ever

    Mam bottles are the best because of their 11 oz. size and wide neck. I like to replace the nipples every now and then and it's really nice (and earth friendly too) to be able to get replacements without having to buy the whole bottle set.

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  • Title: Not my favorite

    I've used other x-cut nipples and loved them. These are well made and high quality, but the have a hole punched in the end so the x doesn't completely close. It's always dripping all the contents out where other brands are closed and only open when they are being sucked on.

  • Rating

  • Title: bad smell

    these nipples i bought smell terrible, they smell like they came out of a dumpster!!!!stick to buying them from a drug store !!

  • Rating

  • Title: bottle feeding

    This is a Wonderful Product. It is perfect for adding cereal to a bottle, since the baby is not ready to be spoon fed. My Baby loves it.

  • Rating

  • Title: perfect

    my daughter had acid reflux and i didn't want her on medicine so i used the enfamil ar formula and it's thickened with rice cereal so the whole wasn't big enough in the regular mam so this worked great. i still use it to replace the 3's now that i have a son and he drinks regular formula

  • Rating

  • Title: Excellent MAM Product

    My baby loves this type of nipple. I got this since he was born. The other types are too big or he refuses to suck on it. I guess this is more comfortable because it has a flat nipple.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great

    The MAM Anti-colic bottles are the best bottles I've found. They're a brilliant design for baby and for the parent. The teats were brand new, perfect condition and exactly as expected.

  • Rating

  • Title: Good one !!!

    my babies simply love these nipples. They are very comfortable with it and X cut allows thicker liquid to flow in

  • Rating

  • Title: Perfect

    Just what was needed. So difficult to find in stores where we live. They arrived on time and filled our needs

  • Rating

  • Title: May baby loves it!

    I use these nipples along with the Avent bottles, and they work perfectly, my baby loves it and wouldn't use anything else.

  • Rating

  • Title: My son loves them, Im eh...

    These are the only bottle nipples my son will take, however use care when washing the tips as they do tear easily. I also found these for a bit cheaper at my local buy buy baby store.

  • Rating

  • Title: Love MAM

    Found MAM on a trip to Florida. Bought one bottle and loved the design!! My daughter likes it too. Great shape nipple.

  • Rating

  • Title: Love the brand

    MAM are the only bottles and pacifiers my son would use after breast feeding exclusively for 9 months. I loved the quality and durability, and he loved them period.

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  • Title: Great for cereal!

    Gt these to use for my son when adding a little bit of cereal foot his bottle. Worked great wasn't to fast and let thicker stuff through easily.

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  • Title: Great for colicky babies

    These MAM nipples are the only ones our baby girl likes. We originally bought her some MAM binkies and she loved them so we moved to the MAM bottles & nipples. That turned out to be a great decision because she gulps her formula sometimes and gets gas & collic quite a bit. The MAM bottless and nipples have helped ease that due to the air release vents at the bottom of the bottle. She still gets gassy but not to the degree from previous feedings without the MAM bottles & nipples. I highly recommend these for any parent who has a collicky baby.

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