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Mam USA Nipples Slow Flow, 0+ months, 2 pack

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Mam Bottle Slow Flow 2 pack nipples are Silicone nipples to use with the Ultivent Mam Bottles. This orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural sucking action, similar to breastfeeding. BPA free.
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  • Title: Very good

    We have been using the MAM newborn bottles for our baby girl. The bottle design and the nuke nipples are very well made and she has no colic complaints! We graduated her from slow flow to medium flow nipples.

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  • Rating

  • Title: Very good

    We have been using the MAM newborn bottles for our baby girl. The bottle design and the nuke nipples are very well made and she has no colic complaints! We graduated her from slow flow to medium flow nipples.

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  • Title: Our favorite bottles!

    We love these vented Mam bottles and nipples. They're fabulous for breastfed babies, the vents are highly effective, they're easy to wash, and they last for a very long time. We use the #1 nipple for breast milk and juices but the #2 is great for older babies who want a faster flow with cow milk or formula.

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  • Title: Great nipple shape!

    These nipples are a great shape, especially for newborns. You'll find much less milk streaming out from the sides of your baby's mouth thanks to the flattened shape, which mimics the effect of the baby sucking on a natural breast. There are four flow rates available for MAM nipples: slow, medium, fast, and even a cross cut version for toddlers and use with cereal mixed in. Highly recommend MAM bottles!

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  • Title: Best nipples out there

    We started with Playtex nursers which I love, but our baby was getting really fussy around 2.5 months with them so I tried the MAM Anti-Colic bottles that came with these nipples in a medium flow. He took to them instantly. I wanted slow flow because I didn't want him to reject the breast if he preferred the faster flow, so I got these here on Amazon. He loves them and they release air through a little valve on the side (which will leak if you rip it so be careful). We're still using the anti-colic bottles, which are great but a pain to clean all those parts... I've read they also work on Avent bottles and BornFree, but I haven't tried them. We're sticking with the MAM ones we've got. I highly recommend the shape and softness of these nipples. The shape is most like the the breast when baby's latched on. I thought silicone was all the same until I tried the MAM pacifiers myself, and you can really tell the difference in softness.

  • Rating

  • Title: love it!

    My kids took to them like duck to water. I highly recommend this product. I also use the MAM bottles and they're also excellent.

  • Rating

  • Title: Love this nipple!

    I bought this nipple based off of other Amazon reviews. I love it. My daughter is adjusting to it well. She takes bottles pretty well with this nipple, I really like the shape and feel of it.

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  • Title: The only thing my daughter could figure out!

    I used these bottles with my DS (born 2007) and my DD (born 2009). I chose them because they were BPA free (even before most people knew about that), vented (=anti gas/colic), and the very unique shape of the nipple. When a baby nurses, the mother's nipple doesn't exactly stay round like how most bottle nipples are, it gets flattened as the baby strips it with his/her tongue. This nipple mimics that and therefore was the only thing my 4 week old DD would use. We tried several other types of bottles, including Dr. Brown's, Adiri, Playtex Drop-Ins (latex), Breast Flow, and this is the only one she could figure out how to use (she couldn't figure out what to do with her tongue with all of the others)

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  • Title: baby MAM nipples Slow flow

    My daughter-in-law recently had a baby. She is a working mom and wanted the next best thing to having her there at feeding time. These nipples seem to be the closest to mom we have found (and we have sampled plenty) and our new baby seems to love them! Thanks so much for giving her one less thing to worry about."

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  • Title: Great Nipples

    These nipples are great for my daughter. I use the Mam pacifiers because my child won't use any other ones, and they are highly recommended by my child's doctor. The only negative thing I have to say about these nipples is they are not interchangable with regular bottles. you HAVE to use the Mam bottles with these nipples, and the bottles are a bit bulky for an infant to hold onto. Other than that they are perfect!

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  • Title: love these bottles

    The bottles came with a flow 2, which was too much for my girls. The slow flow is much better. I really like the MAM bottles!

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  • Title: Quality bottle nipple you can count on.

    The quality you can count on the size of the hole is reliable not to choke your baby as some are either too large or require you to enlarge them yourself. Supple and more realistic not to confuse a nursing baby as much as some others do. Very impressed.

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  • Title: My baby will take a bottle now!

    We bought the Dr Brown's slow flow to use with the pura kiki bottles as the nipple that comes with it was too fast a flow for a breast fed baby, but our daughter didn't care for it at all. My SIL who is a pediatric speech therapist suggested we try these, even though they are pricier. They worked great! We even did a switch out and put the dr browns back in after the baby was taking bottles well, and she refused it. Just buy a few of whatever brand until you know what your child likes. I'm saving the dr browns for the next child because you never know. . ."

  • Rating

  • Title: Funny shape, super flexible and soft silicone.

    These are great for all the MaM bottles and are really easy to clean. Extra soft and flexible silicone made it very easy for baby to get accustomed to. They do flow a little faster then I'd hoped so sometimes when shes very cranky she will refuse these, however thats not the products fault.

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  • Title: Great! Fits Born Free glass bottles too...

    These are great! We love the Born free glass bottles, but the nipples that come with them are terrible... hence looking for a better option that will fit them. Thanks Mam - now my babies can use those bottles without swallowing too much air and throwing up all their milk! Update: I still love these nipples Do be aware that the flow of these nipples is faster than other brands. The slow flow works really well

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  • Title: Great mam nipple

    These are hard to come by where I live. They were shipped fast and are great. The price was amazing and couldn't have been happier.

  • Rating

  • Title: Lifesaver!!

    My son was taking bottles no problem until he was three months old when he started refusing them all. We tried 5 different types including Nuk and Avent and he would suck for a little but then would either spit it out, start choking, or screaming. Right when I gave him this nipple he latched on right away and ate right away. We attach it to his Avent bottle and there is no leaking. He goes back and forth btwn this nipple and breastfeeding so he likes the slow flow. It's the slowest flow we have found.

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  • Title: good

    they are good. as expected. ordered as replacement for the ones we had. needed some new ones and our local stores dont carry the mam brand.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great for collicky babies

    These MAM nipples are the only ones our baby girl likes. We originally bought her some MAM binkies and she loved them so we moved to the MAM bottles & nipples. That turned out to be a great decision because she gulps her formula sometimes and gets gas & collic quite a bit. The MAM bottless and nipples have helped ease that due to the air release vents at the bottom of the bottle. She still gets gassy but not to the degree from previous feedings without the MAM bottles & nipples. I highly recommend these for any parent who has a collicky baby.

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