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Mam USA Nipples Medium Flow, 2+Months, 2 pack

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Mam Bottle Medium Flow 2 pack nipples are Silicone nipples to use with the Ultivent Mam Bottles. This orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural sucking action, similar to breastfeeding.BPA free.
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  • Title: Efficient delivery, product good condition

    I havent used the Mam nipples yet, since my due date will be in January next year. But based on my previous usage of baby bottle nipples, im positive this one will serve me good.

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  • Title: Efficient delivery, product good condition

    I havent used the Mam nipples yet, since my due date will be in January next year. But based on my previous usage of baby bottle nipples, im positive this one will serve me good.

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  • Title: The mam nipple is too fast

    My daughter like the shape of the MAM nipple. However, it takes us too long to find it out. She cannot take the MAM nipple before she was 2 months old. Even the #1 is too fast by that time. Otherwise they are very good products.

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  • Title: The only nipple my daughter will use

    We waited a bit too long to start our daughter on the bottle, and at first she hated every nipple we tried. We finally tried the Mam, and it turns out it's the only nipple she will accept. She's now 8 months old and has only used Mam nipples (well, besides the real thing).

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  • Title: Great product

    My son loves these bottles/nipples. He is nine months old now and he still loves them. He cries when he sees one of his bottles because he wants it :)

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  • Title: The best feeding system for us

    This nipple is perfest for my four month old, and, combined with the Mam bottles, the only alternative to breat feeding she would accept.

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  • Title: Whatever makes her happy...

    I had whole sets of Nuk and Avent bottles and nipples long before my baby was even born, but when we started introducing bottles to her, she fussed and was impossible to feed. Since I had to return to work adn she couldn't nurse from my 60 something mother who had her, this was a real problem. We noticed she much preferred the Mam pacifiers to the Nuk ones, so we thought the nipples might be preferred too. Sure enough, as soon as we switched to these nipples, the bottle was accepted happily. Yay Mam! The bottles kind of suck - way too complicated - but the nipples fit onto an Avent or Nuk bottle, and she is happy.

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  • Title: design flaw

    I agree with the mom below. There is a design flaw with this nipple. I daily used the two Mam nipples for about one month with my Dr. Brown wide neck bottles. It worked great at first, and one day the milk started to leak. I then found the raised bubble on the ring was broken - the milk leaked right through that small hole. I don't understand why Mam has such a design. To me it does not make any sense.

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  • Title: Fit Playtex Drop-Ins

    We used these nipples with my first child and she loved them. I found that she really liked the Mam pacifiers, but we were using Playtex drop-ins bottles with their slow-flow nipple. Turns out around 4-5 months, the slow flow was too slow for her (she was taking forever to eat) but the fast flow would make her cough and sputter. Mam slow flow nipples are faster then the Playtex, so we stepped up to those. Several months later, we stepped up to the medium flow. As a breastfed baby that took a bottle at her babysitter's house, we never went any higher than the Mam medium flow. It was perfect. I also think the shape is conducive to breastfeeding babies, it is similar to the real thing. I will definitely try these again for the next baby.

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  • Title: Not quite what I expected but great quality.

    I think the product itself is well made and good quality but when I gave them to my daughter the flow was so fast she was choking and crying so I guess the recomended age should be different on the package.

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  • Title: AMAZING!

    This is the ONLY bottle nipple my daughter will use. I wasted so much money on different bottles that she refused. This one has a softer silicone, with a texture to it that my daughter has taken to. She uses the bottle when I am at work, but is breastfed. I guess this is more like mommy than any other bottle.

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  • Title: Big fan of Mam but difficult to find

    Love the Mam bottles and nipples and my infant is ready for Medium flow. Placed my order and this company shipped out 11/27 and it arrived today 12/12. I've tried Dr. Brown, Advent, Glass jars, plastic bottles, Tommee Tippee and everything in between and my LO loves Mam!

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  • Title: mam

    loves them all my baby bottle staff and passy r mam . . . . . . . . .

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  • Title: Great flat nipple

    These worked well for us. They are shorter than most nipples and go completely flat during feeding. They fit our MAM bottles.

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  • Title: Great for collicky babies

    These MAM nipples are the only ones our baby girl likes. We originally bought her some MAM binkies and she loved them so we moved to the MAM bottles & nipples. That turned out to be a great decision because she gulps her formula sometimes and gets gas & collic quite a bit. The MAM bottless and nipples have helped ease that due to the air release vents at the bottom of the bottle. She still gets gassy but not to the degree from previous feedings without the MAM bottles & nipples. I highly recommend these for any parent who has a collicky baby.

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