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Mam USA Nipples Fast Flow, 4+Months, 2 pack

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Mam Bottle Fast Flow 2 pack nipples are Silicone nipples to use with the Ultivent Mam Bottles. This orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural sucking action, similar to breastfeeding.BPA free.
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  • Title: Love this item!

    The MAM items are awesome! I tried several other brands and my baby preferred MAM. Ever since, there have been no colics, no fussiness, or tummy aches. Too bad they are so hard to find any where else. Even Babies R Us carry very few selections. Nipples are cheaper at Babies R Us but too bad they only carry for newborn.

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  • Title: Love this item!

    The MAM items are awesome! I tried several other brands and my baby preferred MAM. Ever since, there have been no colics, no fussiness, or tummy aches. Too bad they are so hard to find any where else. Even Babies R Us carry very few selections. Nipples are cheaper at Babies R Us but too bad they only carry for newborn.

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  • Title: 4 PayPay

    I had tried many nipples and wasted money in the process of trying to find the one my daughter would take. Love these nipples!!!!

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  • Title: LOVE 'EM!

    After spending hundreds of dollars on bottles and nipples I came across these at our local Babies R Us. I decided to give them a try since they are so different from everything else out there. My daughter took it right away! Although she is only 3 months old, we use the fast flow because she is on Similac RS formula and it's thicker (due to added rice starch) so we need a nipple with a larger hole. We use these nipples with the Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles and they work together perfectly!"

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  • Title: Lifesaver!

    This is the only nipple my baby likes. His colick has been reduced drastically since he started using it in combination with the avent bottles that have the anti colick valve ring. I stopped using the mam bottles because they kept leaking from the bottom.

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    These nipples are the absolute best!!! My daughter loves the faster flow! She will down a bottle so much better now that she has the fast flow nipples. Highly recommend these once your child gets a little older!

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  • Title: An amazing bottle!

    I spent three months and countless dollars looking for a bottle that didn't cause colic. We tried Soothie, Nuk anti-colic bottles, Playtex vent-air. Nothing compares to this unique design! He never swallows any air, and the nipples are a super soft silicone just like the pacifiers. Be warned though, this size nipple is significantly larger in size compared to the medium flow. But my son is a large 3 month old and he just adores them. And I can feed him Similac RS or add rice cereal for his reflux with no clogs! I'll never use another baby bottle again. Well worth the slight inconvenience of ordering online

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  • Title: MAM nipples

    This review is for the slow flow nipple. You can read my review for the MAM anti-colic bottles for a more detailed review, but my LO LOVES, LOVES, LOVES this nipple. We tried everything else available, and these seem to to do the trick. By the way, we have stopped using the vented anti-colic bottle and started using the regular Mam bottle b/c his reflux resolved with the new nipple (and he eventually outgrew it all together), which certainly makes for fewer dirty dishes! Now that he's a little older, we have upgraded to the medium flow nipple, and he has taken to them just as well.

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  • Title: Excellent

    I love these and so does my little one. I chose them because they were supposed to be closest to breastfeeding and I wanted my daughter to be able to transition back and forth easily with no confusion or refusal. We had no problem; she took a bottle at 2 weeks and maintained breastfeeding without issue. For that alone I'd give it 5 stars! We also had no issues with gas or colic, so the MAM system as a whole functioned as promised in that regard, too. The bottles and nipples were easy to clean - just popped them in the dishwasher. The nipples held up great - she's now over a year (with plenty of teeth!) and they are still functioning perfectly without any wear or discoloration. I did find that the age recommendations were a bit off for my daughter - she wasn't ready for the fast flow until she was older than the recommended 4+ months. We used the medium flow (with formula) for the first 9 months or so

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  • Title: Very Pleased!

    My daughter was on the fast flow nipples for about 3 months and it made bottle feeding really nice. She had a little bit of a hard time keeping up with the flow the first 2 feedings but she got used to how fast it was really quick. My daughter is off the bottle now but while she took them Mam was the only brand she liked.

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  • Title: love the mama bottles and nipples

    I finally found a bottle and nipple my son would take. He only would nurse and would not take any bottles.I tried every bottle. So finally when he was 11 months my sister in law showed me this bottle and I tried it, and he loved it. The nipple was perfect for his age. I am going to use this product for my next baby. The nipple is great for your older baby. Its the number 2 fast flow. I also got the 3 fast flow which was perfect when he was 1. Shipping was great and really fast!

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  • Title: Great product

    This company makes really good nipples. My baby has never had an major issues getting used to the various stages of nipples beyond the initial day when she had to adjust to a faster flow. Definite recommend.

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  • Title: Only thing that worked!

    This is the only nipple my baby would take after breastfeeding. A lifesaver!! I don't know what I would have done if I didn't find these :)

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  • Title: Excellent choice for breast and bottle fed babies.

    I bought these to go with the bottles I bought a couple of months ago for my son who is 4 1/2 months old. While the fast flow is a little much for him just yet, he loves them. He has had no problems at all adjusting. He prefers these over any other store bought nipples.

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  • Title: great

    great product- i'm a big Mam fan and love their product. high quality they lasted me for 4 years with 3 kids who all were bottle fed.

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  • Title: good nipples, very fast

    My baby could latch onto these nipples easier than any other. The flow is a little too fast even though he is older than 6 months.

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  • Title: The only nipples that worked for my son

    My son was breast-fed exclusively for the first 3 months. When I tried transitioning him to using bottles in preparation for going back to work, he refused everything I tried to offer him. I originally had Avent bottles and nipples (I was using the Avent electric breast pump), but he hated those nipples. I tried other brands, and nothing worked. Luckily, I stumbled across these nipples. Other reviewers said that they would work with Avent bottles, so I thought I would try it out. These are the only nipples my son would take. They are very soft and natural feeling. It was also nice that they worked with the Avent bottles, so I didn't have to buy brand new bottles. The only warning I have is that these seemed to be very fast-flow for my son. I didn't transition to the 6-month flow rate Mam X Cut Silicone Nipple until my son was around 9 months."

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  • Title: Not a good transition

    I went from size 2, to a 3 and it wasn't a very good transition. Compared to size 2, the size 3 is a so much faster flow. My baby basically choked when using this nipple. She gradually got used to it though.

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  • Title: love mam nipples but not what i was expecting.

    i love all the mam bottles but these fast flow nipples were quite a bit larger than the slower flow and my son didn't like them.

  • Rating

  • Title: Good!

    My son loves MAM nipples. Has a flat nipple shape. Easier to suck! MAM is very good at designing 2mos, 4mos, and 6mos nipples.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great

    The MAM Anti-colic bottles are the best bottles I've found. They're a brilliant design for baby and for the parent. The teats were brand new, perfect condition and exactly as expected.

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  • Title: Life saver!

    This is the only nipple that my son would use. He still will only take the MAM pacifiers. They were a life saver!

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  • Title: too fast

    I ordered the number 3 nipples for my five month old, given it's to be for 4 months old plus and it was way way too fast. I suggest buying a number 2 before buying three if you have the number one and looking to buy more.

  • Rating

  • Title: Love MAM

    The only bottles and pacifiers my son likes!! A friend recommended MAM while I was pregnant and it was one of the most useful recommendations out of ALL the recommended "must haves" you get during pregnancy.

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  • Title: Feel the best brands of baby supplies


  • Rating

  • Title: That's the only nipples my son wants to use

    He loves to drink from the MAM bottles. We had to buy replacement nipples because my son loves to chew on it.

  • Rating

  • Title: Mam bottle nipples

    Great quality product! My daughter likes the fast flow because she doesn't have to work as hard. 9 months old and switches easily between breast and bottle.

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  • Title: these nipples are fast, but slower than a cheetah

    I decided to put these "fast" flow nipples to the test. i put them up against the fastest land animal, the cheetah. Long story short

  • Rating

  • Title: Great for collicky babies

    These MAM nipples are the only ones our baby girl likes. We originally bought her some MAM binkies and she loved them so we moved to the MAM bottles & nipples. That turned out to be a great decision because she gulps her formula sometimes and gets gas & collic quite a bit. The MAM bottless and nipples have helped ease that due to the air release vents at the bottom of the bottle. She still gets gassy but not to the degree from previous feedings without the MAM bottles & nipples. I highly recommend these for any parent who has a collicky baby.

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