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MAM Night Pacifier - BPA Free - 0 to 6 Months - Blue (Colors/Styles May Vary) 2Pk

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Glows in the dark. The shield is curved for comfort and good for the skin thanks to generous air holes and MAM' patented inside surface. The knob is easy to take hold of, never a bother. MAM's patent- pending Silk Nipple is silicone with a difference: it's silky soft. No other silicone feels softer. Thanks to the anti-slip surface the soother stays easily in baby's mouth. The orthodontic MAM nipple is ideal for baby's jaw and teeth development. It individually adapts to baby's mouth. MAM soothers are always in the right position. BPA free.
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  • Title: Love these!!

    These are great because if you need to find the paci in the middle of the night it's easy to do so because they glow in the dark!

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  • Rating

  • Title: Love these!!

    These are great because if you need to find the paci in the middle of the night it's easy to do so because they glow in the dark!

  • Rating

  • Title: my daughter's favorite

    my dd (3 months old)loves this pacifier so much that we bought 6 of them to make sure we have at least one MAM pacifier handy in each room.My dd wouldn't take other pacifiers after she used MAM. the product is very light and easy for little baby to suck and stay in her mouth easily. And the outside of the pacifier is round so when I put her on her tummy, the pacifier will not hurt her face.

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  • Title: awesome

    The glow in the dark feature is great. You can always find it in the middle of the night without any problem. My 3 month old was sent home from the hospital with a MAM pacifier, we've been using them ever since. I will only buy glow in the dark pacifiers from now on.

  • Rating

  • Title: best binges ever!

    these pacifiers are the only ones my daughter will take they come in really cute designs and the price is good

  • Rating

  • Title: love it!

    my daughter loves this pacifier and the glow in the dark feature means you can always find it in the middle of the night, in a dark car or while watching a movie on the couch at night - excellent!

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  • Title: Love these

    These are fantastic! They glow more than I expected. Like any glowing object, as the light fades so does the glow but they're pretty bright at first. My daughter loves to stare at them when I turn the light out and often pulls it out just to look at it more closely. I also love the design of the MAM pacifiers, becuse there is no "right" side to have it facing since it's the same shape on the top as it is on the bottom. I gave away all my others and now use only the MAM's. The clips are better than some other brands, too and they come in the cutest styles!

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  • Title: Pretty good

    The MAM pacifiers are good and this one is even better since it glows in the dark. My baby generally only takes the pacifier at night so the glow in the dark is helpful to find it during those bleary eyed moments late at night.

  • Rating

  • Title: Our Favorite

    Our son loves MAM pacifiers. After a "taste test" of several different brands, it was obvious that he preferred these. I was skeptical about the usefulness of these night pacifiers but they have turned out to be great. Our baby wakes frequently during the night and yelps for us to put the paci back in his mouth. If I charge one of these up before bedtime by holding it directly under a light, it keeps me from having to turn on his light when I go into his room. Now I don't know what I would do without it!

  • Rating

  • Title: Can't live without it

    Awesome because it glows in dark easier to find in crib at night of course it dies out after a while like anything else. I think it just looks cute. Comfortable for him to keep in his mouth. I don't think heminds that it glows as mush as I do. Colors match mostly everything very cute

  • Rating

  • Title: Great idea!

    These are the best things ever! They were perfect for when my son would wake up in the middle of the night crying. I could easily find the pacifier and give it back to him. I couldn't ask for anything better.

  • Rating

  • Title: Lifesaver!

    This pacifier got me lots of sleep. When my son was old enough to put the pacifier in his mouth this was a lifesaver. I no longer had to get up in the middle of the night to give him his paci. It glows and he can find it on his own.....unless of course it falls out of the crib....BUT it glows, so you don't have to turn on a light to find it!

  • Rating

  • Title: love love love it

    got given these pacifiers at the hospoital. and we have bought more of them before we love them so much. they are durable, easy to clean, great price dont give any sort of rash and dont get water trapped in them when washng. i love the glow in the dark ones as they are so easy to find in the middle of the night. i highly recommend these!

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  • Title: Loved it!

    Glow in the dark binkies. Love it! Easy to find in the night.

  • Rating

  • Title: Wonderful!!

    These pacifiers are so great! My son absolutely loves them!! He will not take any other kind! The only problem about them is they don't glow all through the night! However, the longer they are exposed to light (such as a lamp,etc) the longer they glow at night! They are still pretty easy to find though!

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  • Title: Good idea/Bad paint

    Product arrived in a clear container and I noticed right away the design/paint was chipped in a spot on the pacifier. May return or throw away. Good concept, but too risky at the thought of putting in my little one's mouth.

  • Rating

  • Title: Best Pacifier

    I purchased these pacifiers when my 2 month old would not take anything else. This is the only pacifier he will take. I think the shape of the pacifier is similar to the breast. I would definitely recommend this brand to those nursing.

  • Rating

  • Title: My Baby Loves These

    I have used MAM pacifiers with all three of my babies. I really like that they fit perfectly around their tiny faces, and that they vent, so baby's skin doesn't get irritated. The only thing I wish was different was the color options when purchasing. I chose blue, but got green ones. Not a big deal though. Also, these pacifiers do not come with any case to store and keep clean, as some other brands do.

  • Rating

  • Title: LOVE EM!

    My babe loves these pacifiers anyway... but one day my husband says, "someone should invent glow in the dark pacifiers" Presto! Amazon finds it!

  • Rating

  • Title: Great product -Watch out for "Double Price Hikes" from sellers

    I usually rate a product; however, but some Seller's really hike up a price on Amazon (edit: like this one had it for double). Shop around, Babies R Us, Target & other retail stores sell this exact product for $5.99. CVS even cheaper at times! EDIT: 6/30/12 Changing review to reflect actual product. Love the MAM glow in dark pacis. We have 4 for the crib at night. Best to ""charge them"" for a couple minutes near a light to shine brightest during the night. IT will dull through night! NOte -they sell for 5.99 typical retail (not to mention sales on buy 1 get 1/2 off at BRU)"

  • Rating

  • Title: glow in the dark MAM

    such a great idea to have these glow in the dark i wish more companies did this with there pacifiers

  • Rating

  • Title: Love the Mam Pacis!

    These are the only Pacis my daughter will take. While the glow in the dark feature is pretty neat, I hardly ever use them that way. In order for them to glow in the dark all night, they either need to be set in the sun for the whole day or under a lamp. However I gave them a 5 star rating because if you do as the directions say they really do glow all night long which makes them much easier to find in the middle of the night.

  • Rating

  • Title: love it

    This product is great. It's really nice that they glow in the dark. It makes it really easy to find they and put them back in your baby's mouth in the middle of the night.

  • Rating

  • Title: baby's favorites

    these have the best shape of any of the pacifiers we have tried. they stay firmly in baby's mouth and don't irritate his face. highly recommend.

  • Rating

  • Title: Perfect for night-time

    Glows great with a little charge from a flashlight. Easy to find during the night when they drop them, no need to turn on the lights.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great product

    From the seller I selected, the price was way too was over 2x the price on the shelf. But I was desperate and couldn't leave the I paid it. The product is GREAT though. I love the sterilzing case. It's awesome!!

  • Rating

  • Title: Glow in the dark pacifier = genius!

    Yeah...I thought it would be handy for finding them in the bassinet, but beyond that, it's nice to know that when I hear "fussy breathing" going on, I can glance over and see if it's that his pacifier fell out of his mouth or what....awe-some!!!!!!

  • Rating

  • Title: Best pacifiers

    My 4-month old son loves these. The "glow in the dark" material is really helpful for late night pacification needs.

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