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MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Boy, 5 Ounce, Single Pack

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The MAM ulti vent wide mouth transition bottle system is designed to be as close to breast feeding as possible in a reusable bottle. All MAM bottles are constructed of bisphenol a free materials. The orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural suckling action similar to breast feeding. The ulti vent valve is sensitive enough to ensure baby a constant, air free flow of liquid. Removable bottom makes bottle clean up a snap. The new one piece MAM valve is highly sensitive to baby's suckling, assuring a constant, air free flow. Your baby will feed quietly for longer, uninterrupted periods just like breast feeding. Less air intake means less spit up and gas. Features sealing cap for spill free travel. MAM shaped orthodontic nipple, BPA free, trusted by mothers for over 20 years. The bottle comes with a wide mouth for easy filling and an easy to read scale for accurate measuring. Includes a removable base for easy cleaning. Includes 1 5 ounce boy bottle, with a 1 slow flow nipple.

  • Wide mouth system made to be as close to breastfeeding as possible and are easy fill
  • MAM bottle is bisphenol free
  • Orthodontic nipple is silky soft silicone
  • Easy to read scale for accurate measuring
  • Anti colic MAM valve means less gas for baby
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  • Rating

  • Title: The Best!

    We tried many bottles, and this is the ONLY one my breastfed son will take while I'm away.

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  • Rating

  • Title: The Best!

    We tried many bottles, and this is the ONLY one my breastfed son will take while I'm away.

  • Rating

  • Title: Love the bottle, hate the description

    This bottle is the only one my daughter ended up taking - it saved our lives - and we tried probably 10 different kinds before hitting on this one. I am annoyed though by the product description and image. I see it says "Single Pack" - is that a single pack of the 3 bottles as shown in the image? Or just one bottle? Now that I have ordered, I can tell you it's just one bottle - kind of frustrating, as I would have ordered three.

  • Rating

  • Title: My son won't take it. :(

    Heard this bottle was great for babies having trouble switching from breast to bottle, but my 3-month-old son won't take it. It's well-made, but just not a magic solution. I do like that the nipple is a bit more flat than most bottles. It seems like a great design, just not right for us.

  • Rating

  • Title: Awesome!

    My son would not take a bottle, and it wqas getting close to when I had to go back to work. We tried a whole lot of different binkies also and he would only take the MAM brand binky. I ordered this bottle just to try it, and he LOVED it! I went to Walmart the same day and bought the new baby gift pack and he uses them everyday I am at work. He also hardly gets any air at all when drinking out of it.

  • Rating

  • Title: Pretty but defective

    I loved these bottles when I first used them but two weeks later, they started leaking from the bottom! I got the same happen to me with both bottles, bought separately and at different locations, so I presume they are just defective and will not buy any more. Too bad they are such poor quality because they are cute.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great bottle! Son won't take any others!

    Love this bottle! My son prefers nursing and would not take any other bottle, but will take this one! Thank goodness!

  • Rating

  • Title: life saver

    I Love Mam anti colic 5 oz bottles! I breastfeed my son and occassionally give a bottle of expressed milk. At 5 weeks my son rejected the bottle. I then went on a search for a bottle he would take with out gagging, and crying. I tried 10 differnt brands; medela, platex, avent, gerber, tommee tippee, first years breast flow, nuk, dr. brown wide neck , and standard bottle no luck. Finally when he was 10 weeks I tried Mam and he took it fine! I was so excited since I will be return to work in 4 weeks! Man bottles were my life saver :)

  • Rating

  • Title: Only bottle for my breastfed baby!

    This is the ONLY bottle that my 3 month old breastfed baby will take. He only uses MAM pacifiers, and after trying 6 (yes, six) other brands of bottles, and my return to work a month away, I ordered this (boo for not being carried in stores!). Part of his resistance was probably stubbornness The multiple parts don't bother my husband and I at all - I think it makes them easy to clean out. We haven't had any leaks - always make sure the bottom rubber valve is placed properly and the nipple is fully in the collar. I'm keeping all of the other bottles we purchased in our arsenal in case anything changes in a few months

  • Rating

  • Title: Terrible Leaking, Terrible Gas

    When I first tried to use the bottle, my son was screaming and I quickly put the bottle together. I apparently did it wrong and it leaked everywhere. When my son wasn't screaming, I tried again, and found that I had put the pieces in wrong the first time. While I can accept that in my haste the leaking was my fault, I felt strongly that I didn't want a bottle that required concentation to put together. Then, after using it a few times, it started leaking again and that wasn't my fault. The reason I threw the bottle out, though, was because my son was getting terrible gas from it, worse than any other brands I was using. Their anti-colic system did not work for us. We have had great success with playtex ventaire, playtex drop-in's, and Nuk. Tommee Tippe was ok as was born free. I believe at this point we have tried every bottle on the market and for us, we keep going back to the same ones. Every baby is different and just because the MAM didn't work for us doesn't mean it won't work for someone else, or even baby number two.

  • Rating

  • Title: Only bottle our son would take.

    We bought every brand of bottle for our picky son. He would only take this one. The self microwave sterilizing feauture is fantastic! We had to buy 3 more. Also easy to clean and vents well.

  • Rating

  • Title: Leaky and Quickly Breaks

    I bought this bottle a couple of months ago because I love MAM pacifiers and I hoped this might be the bottle that finally cured my son's spit-up issue (it hasn't but I think for him there is no magic bottle). My complaint is that the threading is tricky and if you are not very careful and very precise

  • Rating

  • Title: Wham Bam thank you MAM!

    We started trying bottles when my EBF baby was 10 weeks old because I was returning to work when he turned 15 weeks. He wanted nothing to do with any of the brands we tried (playtex dropins slow and med flows, advent, tippee, browns, first years, nuk). He just couldn't get a latch on those. I started to get very nervous he would never take a bottle! Then... wham bam thank you MAM! He could latch onto the MAM because of the genius nipple shape that lets him get a proper latch. It took a lot of practice, and me being completely out of the house while his papa gave him the bottle, but I'm happy to report that my DS finally takes a bottle while I'm away, (and even when I'm in the other room)! The final trick was switching to the fast flow nipple. He got only one ounce/ feeding with the slow flow, 1.5oz with the medium flow, and he is up to over 3oz/ feeding with the fast flow. And because the design is so cute and colorful, he actually starts kicking with excitement when he sees the bottle coming his way! He switches between breast and bottle with ease, the bottles are cute and the easiest to clean, and I love the self sanitizing feature. FABULOUS! Love you MAM!

  • Rating

  • Title: Helps for sure

    I have a ton of Dr. Brown's bottles already but just had to try this one and I am just as pleased. I actually like the nipple on this one way better so if I did not already own a bunch of Dr. Brown's I would buy a bunch of these. You can hear the air be able to escape from the holes in the bottom as the baby's suction pulls the gasket away... wonderful sound instead of hearing bubbles go into their belly!"

  • Rating

  • Title: My son loved these!

    My son got sick with rsv and wouldn't drink out of his normal bottle so I went to the store and got one if these and he finally ate! The nipple is shaped differently than others but this was comfortable for him while sick and being partially breasted and bottle fed. Worked like a charm. A lot of pieces to clean but I think we'll worth it cause he didn't get any air in with these.

  • Rating

  • Title: Leaky Bottle

    Do not buy this crap. Do yourself a favor. The connection between the nipple and the socket leaks profusely. There should be a worldwide recall of this awful product.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great bottles for colic & gas

    Our baby girl was having some bad issues with gas (that was causing her a lot of pain) so we decided to try these bottles. The nipples on these bottles are the same as her MAM pacifiers and those are the only ones we have been able to get her to take so the decision was an easy one. It also turned out to be a good one. It has helped a lot with her gas issues. She still gets gas but not to near the extreme that she had previously. The difference between this bottle and the others that we had tried is the air vents on the bottom of the bottle. They allow air & gas to be released from the bottom of the bottle while she is feeding so she doesn't suck down a bunch of air with her formula. While it may seem like a gimmick, it actually works. The difference is tremendous and has helped better the quality of life for our baby girl. I highly recommend these bottles to any parent who has a child with gas or colic. They are the best we have found!

  • Rating

  • Title: Works Great

    The only bottle my breastfed baby will take. The nipple shape is different from others which is great. the only down side is that it is 6 parts if you include the lid. Just glad that I don't have to use them that often because its annoying washing that many parts for just one bottle. Doesn't leak and easily read for measuments.

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