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Avent BPA Free Breastcare Essentials Set

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Developed with midwife and baby adviser Vicky Scott, the Philips AVENT NEW Breast Care Essentials Set is ideal for nursing moms during the first few days of breastfeeding. This kit includes both day and night breast pads to prevent leaks when letdown occurs, thermogel pads that can be used cold to sooth engorgement or warm to help stimulate milk flow, a bra clip to help you remember which side to nurse from, a breastfeeding diary to help establish a nursing routine and travel pouch for convenient storage and portability.

Super Absorbent Pads Trap Moisture
The Philips AVENT Breast Care Essentials Set includes everything you need to feel comfortable during the first few days of nursing, both day and night. Twelve daytime breast pads and six nighttime breast pads are included to protect your bra, clothes, and bedding from leaks. Multiple hygienic layers pull moisture away from skin, and a top sheet traps it inside the pad to keep you feeling dry and comfortable day and night.

Contoured Shape; Invisible Under Clothes
The day pads won't affect the look or fit of your clothes. They're ultra thin, and contoured like a breast for a natural look. They slip easily into your bra and are invisible under whatever you're wearing, so you can be comfortable without sacrificing style.

The night pads feature a wide shape that creates an all-around leakage barrier, and a thick core holds and traps moisture, so that you feel dry and comfortable all night long.

Hygienic and Dermatologist Tested
Both pads are made of breathable, natural materials, and are hygienic and dermatologist tested to be gentle on skin. The topsheet has a silky, soft feel to prevent irritation, and adhesive strips (one per pad on the day pads; two per pad on the night pads) to secure the pad to clothes, so that it won't shift around as you move. Individually wrapped and discrete, these pads can be stored in the included carrying case or in a diaper bag. And because they're disposable, used pads can be tossed in the trash.

Soothing Relief for Tender Breasts
Safe and reusable, Thermal Gel Pads provide both cooling and warming therapy to ease discomfort caused by nursing and to stimulate milk flow. The pads warm quickly in a bowl of warm water to help loosen clogged milk ducts to simplify nursing. Placing them in the refrigerator for about an hour before use lets you enjoy cooling therapy that soothes the pain and discomfort associated with engorgement or weaning.

Extra Soft Sleeves
The Thermal Gel pads come with extra soft sleeves that can be moistened for extra comfort.

Bra Clip, Feeding Diary and Washable Pouch for On-the-Go Feeding
This kit also includes a bra clip that's ideal for reminding you which side to use at the start of the next feeding and a feeding diary to record your feeds and help establish a nursing routine. A washable pouch holds everything for travel.

What's in the Box
12 daytime breast pads, 6 nighttime breast pads, 2 thermogel pads, bra clip, feeding diary and washable pouch.
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  • Title: Love this breastfeeding starter kit!

    This Breastfeeding Starter Kit is such a wonderful gift idea for a new mom. The price is perfect and it's full of useful items to help establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship. My favorite part of this set is the Thermo Pads which can be used both hot and cold to help relieve soreness in the early weeks of breastfeeding. These are a lifesaver to an engorged mom! They are a nice large size I love that there are thicker I was initially concerned about the disposable nursing pads. When I first put one on The nursing log may be helpful for a new mother who is very detail-oriented or worried about doing everything just right. I wouldn't have used that beyond my first baby Similarly I will be purchasing this kit as a shower gift for new moms that I know will be breastfeeding!"

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  • Title: Love this breastfeeding starter kit!

    This Breastfeeding Starter Kit is such a wonderful gift idea for a new mom. The price is perfect and it's full of useful items to help establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship. My favorite part of this set is the Thermo Pads which can be used both hot and cold to help relieve soreness in the early weeks of breastfeeding. These are a lifesaver to an engorged mom! They are a nice large size I love that there are thicker I was initially concerned about the disposable nursing pads. When I first put one on The nursing log may be helpful for a new mother who is very detail-oriented or worried about doing everything just right. I wouldn't have used that beyond my first baby Similarly I will be purchasing this kit as a shower gift for new moms that I know will be breastfeeding!"

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  • Title: Great item for the price!

    The Breast Feeding Starter kit was a gift basket item for a soon to be new mom who plans on breast feeding. She has received one other starter kit for breast feeding thus far, and tells me that this kit has a lot going for it. (That made me feel good as it is relatively inexpensive. - There are 12 day time disposable breast pads and 6 night time disposable breast pads to keep you dry and comfortable during the day and through the night. They seem thick and very absorbent (especially the night pads) -- Dual usage: Warm use - to stimulate milk flow and cold use - for soothing and relief; Comes with 2 extra soft sleeves for added comfort. There is also a bra clip to remind you of the side you last fed from. -- A feeding diary is a great peace of mind tool --Items come in a washable zippered pouch to hold all your breast care must haves. RECOMMENDED based on product and price."

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  • Title: Help for a New Breastfeeder

    The Avent Breastfeeding Starter Kit is a great product. You get 12 daytime nursing pads, 6 nighttime nursing pads, 2 thermopads, a bra clip, and a nice case to hold all of it. The nursing pads are very comfortable and absorb excess milk really well while saving your shirt at the same time! The nighttime pads are a little thicker than the daytime ones, which is great for when I leak extra milk during the night. The thermopads really do help sore breasts and nipples feel some relief. I also like how the pads come with a washable cover to them so you don't have to apply the heat or ice directly to the skin. The little bra clip is such a help because you tend to lose track of which side you used last as all the feedings blend together I highly recommend this product to any new mom. It would've been nice for them to include some nipple cream for nipple soreness also

  • Rating

  • Title: Great as a shower gift

    This starter kit is full of the things you don't realize you need until the baby has arrived. It comes packaged very nicely and modestly. It would be easy to tote around in the diaper bag and to use when necessary. The feeding journal is handy for the first few days until you get the hang of it, as well as the bra clip. Its easy to forget what side to start on and that comes in handy. The best part is the soft cover for the gel pack. It makes using the gel pack more comfortable, and I like that it is machine washable also.

  • Rating

  • Title: Nice idea

    This kit was well thought out and many breastfeeding mothers will find it very handy. I have switched to pumping as it is easier with my schedule, but this kit is still very useful. My favorite items in the kit are the thermogel pads. Using them heated speeds up the let-down process better than massaging for me. I don't necessarily need to use them cooled because since I've switched to pumping As far as the pads The reminder clip gets no use from me as I usually pump from both sides. If you are breastfeeding and have a newborn All of these things fit nicely into the well-designed bag

  • Rating

  • Title: Very happy with this set!

    I have a 2 year old daughter that I nursed and I would have LOVED this set to get me started and provide much needed relief. I am very happy to have it now as I am due in 8 weeks with our second child. The best thing in the set are the gel discs! I know I will be using them a lot in the first month. They warm up nicely and contour well around the nipple without sharp edges to poke you, this will help with let down. I liked how quickly they chilled in the fridge, starting at room temp, and will use them like this for soothing the fire nipples you get that first 2 weeks of breastfeeding, yowza! This will be a great step up from the bag of frozen peas :) I like the bag it all comes in

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  • Title: Nice idea...

    This breastfeeding kit is a nice idea. However, I didn't find it entirely useful for me. First, I didn't care much for the the thermal gel pads. I found that they didn't get very warm after placing them in hot water for several minutes. I microwaved the water to to get it really warm, then placed the pads in the water for about 5 minutes. They barely felt warm at all so I felt that they did not help me. I found that using a washcloth that I wet with hot water was not only more beneficial, but it was much faster way to get a warm compress rather than soak the gel pads in water. When your baby is hungry and ready to be fed, you don't have a lot of time to spend heating up gel pads. The breast pads are ok. They worked well The included diary is a useful tool to keep track of your baby's feeding schedule. It's small and easy to carry around to have handy where ever you may be feeding your baby."

  • Rating

  • Title: What a great idea!

    As a cloth diapering mama, I really wanted to use cloth for myself while breastfeeding, but they just did not cut par - so for the last almost three+ years I guess I've been wearing disposable pads to keep my shirts and nightgowns clean and dry. This Set is an awesome idea and I do not know why it was not thought of before. I do think that it needs some tweaking, but it is a great start, and I'd still suggest it for a baby shower gift for that mama you know that's getting started on her breastfeeding journey. My previous experience has been with Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads . The night time pads are great As for the bra clip and feeding diary. Great things to help in the beginning. I used an Itzbeen Baby Care Timer

  • Rating

  • Title: Gel Pads are Great - Disposable Pads Not So Much

    (Selection for new grandson) Diary - useful at the start because the doctor was monitoring intake. Once he started gaining at a good rate Pads - at $.15/pad ($.30/day) Thermal Gel Pads and Sleeves - comforting and useful at getting the milk flowing. Because junior wasn't in a hurry to nurse

  • Rating

  • Title: really helps with engorgement

    really helps with engorgement and sore nipples wether using hot or cold this product is win win cannot go wrong with the carrying case and bonus pads

  • Rating

  • Title: Helped relieve engorged breasts but uncomfortable on sore nipples

    When my milk came in and my breasts were engorged, the gel packs were the only things that helped. Cabbage, warm showers etc. did not do much, but placing the frozen gel packs helped relieve engorgement. The holes where the nipples are supposed to go are annoying and cut into my skin. Also during the first few weeks breastfeeding, nipples are sore and these do nothing to help and sometimes make them worse. They were great when weaning. Just put it in bra after feeding baby and over the course of 2 weeks I had noticed a significant decrease in milk supply (I was only cutting one feeding per week so this was a big deal). The pouch it comes with is great and the nighttime nursing pads are great! I had a supply of Lansinoh nursing pads which were great later on Overall

  • Rating

  • Title: Excellent Purchase!

    This product is excellent, the bag is so nice and discrete, the gel packs covers really good and the bags are really soft.

  • Rating

  • Title: Bueno

    Estas almohadillas son buenas, muy resistentes al calor, solo es dejarlas en una olla con agua caliente un ratico y ya esta. Me encanto el estuche en que vienen.

  • Rating

  • Title: Good gel pads

    I like the set since it is convenient to have around. The gel pads are good, esp. the cover that is provided that you can put the gel pad in. I don't like the disposable pads, they gave me a lot of skin irritation, I had to throw them out. I do use the diary to keep track of feedings more than when I pump.

  • Rating

  • Title: a WONDERFUL product

    I am very pleased with this product. It is not to expensive, exactly what I needed, and of very good quality. I would purchase again in a heartbeat. This would be a great gift for anyone who is pregnant, or a wise purchase for a new breastfeeding mom. Carry case is perfect size, and makes travel convinent. Hurrah Philip AVENT for a good product.

  • Rating

  • Title: Good for a gift

    Liked all the little goodies that it came with & the sturdy bad I refilled the bad with extra pads little stuff the baby might need along with an extra shirt & bra for leaking problems it was perfect used at the hospital & in diaper bag

  • Rating

  • Title: Awesome set for breast feeding!

    As a first time breast feeder I was excited to order this little kit. It had everything you needed to start out with and very helpful booklet and feeding log to keep track of feedings for those first few weeks when everything is a blur!

  • Rating

  • Title: Essential find

    Got the item as described and it is very useful. Hope more useful products with great prices come out in the future.

  • Rating

  • Title: good

    I have bought this item. This is very useful to my wife. I can strongly recommend this item. thank you."

  • Rating

  • Title: Totally Worthless

    I bought these to help soothe my sore breasts when I first started breastfeeding my first child. They were a total waste of money. They can only be warmed in a bowl of hot water and they don't get nearly warm enough or stay warm long enough. I could not even feel the warmth through the covers. I am totally disgusted and wish I hadn't wasted my money or time.

  • Rating

  • Title: Eh

    I saw a review in a magazine and thought this would be great since I was expecting. Didn't love it. The gel pads are an awkward fit and didnt help much. And the pads are cheaper to buy a big box since you need so many.

  • Rating

  • Title: not practical but soothing

    Warm and cold bags can't be microwaved or soaked in water hotter than 50 Celsius, so it gets lukewarm at most and it cools down quite fast. Works better as a cold patch, but I rarely have use for it.

  • Rating

  • Title: Good, but a little inflexible

    I bought this package primarily for the gel packs. Though I have been BF my son for a month, I haven't leaked at all. I purchased this pack instead of the gels by themselves because the price was lower by a few dollars. I have had extreme pain when nursing - my son had a tongue tie for the first 3 weeks of his life. The tongue tie caused a bad latch that we're still working to correct. The bad latch also caused some milk blebs on one side. I was using disposable smoothies constantly, even refrigerating them, and still crying through the pain. The packs have been wonderful. They work well chilled in either the fridge or freezer. I have not tried them warm The packs themselves are larger than I expected them to be. I have large breasts and the packs completely cover them. The holes are supposed to go around your areolas and nipples Overall this is a great deal on a good product. I wish I had known about it in time to purchase as shower gifts for the many expectant mothers I know!"

  • Rating

  • Title: I use it all the time

    It is very useful. I love it. it is just what I ordered. I will recommended 100% it relieves your breast when they are full of milk and burning I love it

  • Rating

  • Title: Gets cold too fast

    I don't actually use these pads, they are not easy to warm. I wish they wouldn't get cold so fast.

  • Rating

  • Title: Meh, it was free...

    Not very usefull, a couple of pads but my wife did not like them. She did not like the feeling and would not hold correctly in her bra. The jelly thing that you can heat or freeze she never used. Instead we used it heated and put it on the baby to calm his stomach. I would not have paid for this but it was free."

  • Rating

  • Title: Love them

    I take these with me everywhere~ I am currently breastfeeding and pumping so I need an ice pack to soothe my breasts at times. I just put them in the cloth wrap and put them in my bra. They dont leak or cause any wetness to your bra. They truly help!

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