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Avent 1 package of 2 Pacifiers BPA Free Fashion Infant Pacifier, Style and Colors May Vary

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AVENT orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical nipples respect the natural development of baby's palate, teeth and gums. All AVENT pacifiers are made of silicone and are taste and odor-free.

Symmetrical Orthodontic Design
The Fashion Pacifier helps calm and soothe your baby by satisfying the natural suck reflex. With its orthodontic design, this pacifier is specially shaped for your baby's tiny mouth. It has a rounded top and flat bottom, so it won't negatively affect the development of your baby's teeth, palate, and gums.

Made of Strong, Odor-Free Silicone
This pacifier nipple is made of strong, sturdy silicone, making it bite- and tear-resistant. Fussy babies will appreciate how the silicone doesn't hold odors and is completely taste-free.

The Fashion Pacifier can be sterilized in any Philips AVENT sanitizer and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

Safety Ring and Snap-On Cap
The Fashion Pacifier is safe for your baby. It has a security ring for easy removal and retrieval. To protect baby, the Fashion Pacifier is 100 percent BPA-free and has a snap-on cap that keeps the nipple hygienic after sterilization.

Colorful Designs
This pacifier has fun, colorful designs that are sure to delight your little one. Since each package includes two pacifiers, you can keep one at home and the other in the car or diaper bag.

Package Contents
Two pacifiers, two caps, and user manual.
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  • Rating

  • Title: Awesome

    Love them! BPA free, this is the only paci my son will take. Great fun designs too!

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  • Rating

  • Title: Awesome

    Love them! BPA free, this is the only paci my son will take. Great fun designs too!

  • Rating

  • Title: Did not look anything like the picture

    These looked totally different than what is shown on picture, not even close....different color, different shape...

  • Rating

  • Title: Pacifiers

    With 10 days my baby girl don't like it.... But she will use later..."

  • Rating

  • Title: Great for small babies!

    Ordered these for decoration initially on a diaper cake. When my grandchild was born she weighed less than six pounds. Most nipples/pacifiers made her gag and she would spit them out, even those marked 0-3 months. We wanted her to take a pacifier since research suggests the incidence of SIDS is decreased with their use. When we gave her this pacifier she took to it almost immediately. I have ordered multiples since they seem to disappear on their own! Would recommend it definitely for low birthweight babies.

  • Rating

  • Title: pacifier guard covers baby's nose

    I bouht these as they were really cute, but when my son had one in his mouth the guard piece covered his nose, needless to say they went in the garbage.

  • Rating

  • Title: Our daughter's favorite

    These were the only paci's our daughter (who is now 15 months) would take. They come in fun, bright colors, which is great because that makes them easier to find at the bottom of the diaper bag!

  • Rating

  • Title: Great pacifier but big

    The shape of the pacifier was a little big for my daughter's face (around the nose area) for 3 months, but worked great at 5 months.

  • Rating

  • Title: Only paci to buy

    My baby refused the soothie and all other pacies I tried, but she lives for these now. Definitely get the ones with pictures or colors on them so you can find if they fall on the floor.

  • Rating

  • Title: So cute!

    I thought I was going to get four pacifiers, but only got two. They are so cute, and I know it's a baby's favorite pacifier.

  • Rating

  • Title: Good pacifiers but I received the one for baby girl

    I always choose AVENT products because are one of the top of the line products. The only problem I had is that Amazon does not have the posibility to choose baby products if they have to be for girls or boys, so for this in particular I received a pair of pacifiers for a baby girl instead of boy that was I needed.

  • Rating

  • Title: Kinda Misleading

    I thought that this came with four pacifiers as shown in the picture. Instead, it came with two. It would be nice if they described how many pacifiers came with this.

  • Rating

  • Title: Misleading

    Why would you include a picture with four pacifiers if the order only has two? It is stated below but the picture is very misleading.

  • Rating

  • Title: Misleading but great pacifers

    Love these pacifiers but beware they show four but you only get two - so the price reflex two pacifiers not four.

  • Rating

  • Title: BF Baby loves these

    My baby has been breastfed from the beginning and has also used these pacifiers while going to sleep at night (first the 0-6 month product, and now 6-18 months.)

  • Rating

  • Title: Excellent pacifier, price is a bit high

    We got these (0-3 mo) as well as the older ones (6-18 mo) and they are perfect for our newborn. She does not choke on them at all unless you push them far back into her mouth. It really depends on the size of your child. Our daughter is on the small side so her mouth is smaller, yet she does not have any issues. She took to it immediately so I guess it replicates the nipple size relatively well. It has no odor or bad taste so no complaints here on that front. Most importantly The images on the front are cute and distinguish from the older ones by the presence of little feet or flowers along the side. The older ones have grass or no other pattern besides the small animal. We purchased multiple sets to keep our children happy and content!"

  • Rating

  • Title: Not as pictured.

    Ordered these for my son and when we got them in the mail they are pink. Will be sending back

  • Rating

  • Title: Good binkies!

    We've always used AVENT brand pacifiers and our daughter has never had a problem with them. We boil them for 2-3 minutes before giving them to her, and put them in the dishwasher regularly. They clean very well, and they are durable. The only thing is that when we hand wash them with dish soap, the soapy water gets into the inside of the nipple from the handle part, like the picture part of the binky. So we have to hold the pacifier nipple-side-up and squeeze the nipple for the water to come out. Otherwise we love these pacifiers.

  • Rating

  • Title: Pink pacifier w hearts

    I received 3 packs that were blue night time pacifiers. They are great. I also received 3 pink packs that were pictured as blue and green. They are for a boy. So we need to send them back. There were no color choices when ordering.

  • Rating

  • Title: Every baby is different! This may or may not be the right one!!

    Got a free one of these when we registered at BRU. Our son usually takes the Soothies pacifiers used in the hospital. He didn't seem to care for this one, and the shape makes it pop right out of his mouth. I threw it in the diaper bag for an emergency backup, but it's not my first choice. At least the silicone and durable plastic make it easy to sanitize and it comes with a hygienic cap. Super cute colors! Please let me know if my review has helped you in your inquiry or purchase"

  • Rating

  • Title: Avent pacifiers

    I really like Avent products. The only bad part about this pacifier is that it gets water into the nipple when it's cleaned. After repeated washings all this water turns the inside of the nipple cloudy. I have only used avent pacifiers so I don't know if this is common with all pacifiers.

  • Rating

  • Title: The pacifier my son demands at bedtime

    The yellow Advent Fashion pacifier is the only pacifier my son will sleep with. Unfortunately when you order with Amazon, you get whatever they send. My most recent order they sent pink pacifiers. Wasted money because we're not giving our son pink.

  • Rating

  • Title: a

    Nice product! I love that.I always use this all year ,so I will buy this in the following days ,thank you .

  • Rating

  • Title: And advertising is different

    Was originally bought my son, but received it pink. But for my friends daughter is blue. Styles and colors are not what we want.

  • Rating

  • Title: I wish the seller would allow you to choose the style/color.

    I bought this product for my son. We received 2 pacifiers which were pink and light blue. They are perfectly serviceable and we use them. However, I wish that I would have had the option of choosing the style. If that is not possible, then at least the seller should consider stocking some more gender neutral options like animals, orange, green, clear, etc. I feel personally that blue is more gender neutral than pink... kind of silly, but that's just how U.S. culture is wired (pink=girl). I personally have no problem with the color pink, but strangers find it confusing when I tell them my child is a boy and he has a pink pacifier in his mouth...

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