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Avent BPA Free Nighttime Pacifier, 6-18 Months, 2 Pk

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Philips AVENT nighttime pacifiers offer a durable soothing solution for children 6 to 18 months old. Glow-in-the-dark handles provide a gentle glow at night. The nipples are made of odor-free silicone, which is easy to sterilize and resists becoming sticky or misshapen. The special shape of these BPA Free pacifiers allows for healthy development of a baby's palate, teeth, and gums. Colors/Styles may vary from the photo.

Promotes Orthodontic Health
The Philips AVENT nighttime pacifier features a collapsible nipple that works with the natural development of a baby's teeth and gums. The nipple is flat and drop-shaped, respecting the shape of your baby's palate, even when the pacifier is positioned upside down in the mouth.

Durable, Taste-Free Silicone
These glow-in-the-dark pacifiers are made of durable silicone. Silicone is taste and odor free, so your baby is less likely to reject it. Silicone nipples are strong and resist becoming sticky, discolored, or misshapen.

Secure Ring Handle Glows in the Dark
The pacifier features a security ring, allowing for quick retrieval or removal and making it easy for your baby to grasp. Expose the handle to light before bed to make it glow in the dark. (Glow intensity and time depend on lighting conditions.) The nighttime pacifier is BPA free.

Easy to Sterilize
Sterilizing these pacifiers is simple--put them in a Philips AVENT steam sterilizer or boil for five minutes. Philips AVENT pacifiers and their caps are also dishwasher safe. Add one of the included snap-on caps after cleaning to keep the pacifier sterile until it's needed.

What's in the Box
Two silicone pacifiers with glow-in-the-dark handles in various designs and colors and two snap-on pacifier caps.
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  • Rating

  • Title: Magic

    My breastfed baby resisted taking 2 other pacifiers before trying this one. I really like that they come with tops which makes carrying a spare super easy!

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  • Rating

  • Title: Magic

    My breastfed baby resisted taking 2 other pacifiers before trying this one. I really like that they come with tops which makes carrying a spare super easy!

  • Rating

  • Title: Awesome as usual!!

    Great paci's!! The handle is what glows. Its nice to be able to see it in the bed at night.

  • Rating

  • Title: baby hate it

    my little one loves his soothie for 0-3 months , i just wanted to try a different pacifier, one for older babies, and he refused to even put it in his mouth....

  • Rating

  • Title: Safe, long-lasting pacifier

    I've used Avent pacifiers for my son since he was born. He's 2 now and uses it only when he sleeps at night. They are sturdy, and work well, and last a very long time. His last one lasted over a year and half, until he finally ripped it with his teeth. Comes in a pack of two, so I predict this purchase will last us until he grows out of it! This one glows in the dark (the round part) although I've never really tried looking for it in the dark. I recommend this product to any parent who needs a good pacifier for their child.

  • Rating

  • Title: Love Avent pacifiers, but the night time one does not retain its glow at all

    Just stick with the regulars -- this night time one loses any "glow" so quickly that it's no different than a regular one. I love the avent pacifiers otherwise.

  • Rating

  • Title: OK pacifier

    My son is totally addicted to his "sucker" and had no problem switching to this in addition to his other brands. It has never glowed in the dark, though which is why I only gave 3 stars. The glow in the dark feature is the main reason why I bought this brand.

  • Rating

  • Title: Glows if you expose it to light! Great paci!

    People keep complaining that these pacifiers lose their "glow" but all you have to do to "re-charge" it is set it by a source of light (light bulb, night light, etc) for a while and then it will glow again good as new. Love these pacifiers and the glow in the dark feature is genius.

  • Rating

  • Title: great, as usual

    avent pacifiers are great, last long enough and even though my child is 11 months he still uses 0-3 months size, as recommended by my pediatrician. They glow in the dark, only the handle, and are easier to spot in the crib at night

  • Rating

  • Title: Great pacifier

    It's a great pacifier, my daughter like it. Howewer, if you want to buy it because it glows at night, just buy the regulars, the glow doesn't last more than 6 minutes.

  • Rating

  • Title: Not as Good as the Other Avent Pacifiers

    My son really likes the Avent Pacifiers that is shaped like a sideways figure 8. Those have air flow and doesn't squash my son's nose. However with this one, if my son puts it in upside down, it will squish my son's nose. I read about the length of time the glow in the dark feature lasts, and all of the reviews are doesn't last that long. I think the sideways figure 8 Avent Pacifiers are better.

  • Rating

  • Title: My baby's favorite pacifier and it glows in the dark

    My baby definitely prefers the Avent pacifiers. We like these because they are so much easier to find at night in a dark room. I just wish the glow lasted a bit longer.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great pacifier; helps us keep organized!

    We have several of Avent's 'regular' pacifiers at home, which my daughter likes and uses on a regular basis. When I purchased these, the glow-in-the-dark feature was not important to me, as I really didn't expect the glow to last for long (c'mon folks, it's glow-in-the-dark - the technology hasn't improved much since 1985...haha). As other reviewers have noted, the glow really does not last too long after the lights go out. I'm sure most parents who use pacifiers for their babies would agree with me on this - we have pacifiers floating all over the house

  • Rating

  • Title: Love these paci's

    We love these paci's! Mostly love these because they come with a cover to keep them clean in your purse or bag!! They sometimes will start getting some condensation on the inside though and that is impossible to clean and looks dirty.. I am hoping by boiling and steaming they are still clean though! The Night time ones are nice, but not worth it.. they only light up for about 5 min after the light goes out.. Still a great paci though!

  • Rating

  • Title: Wish there was "cutout" for nose on both top and bottom.

    Our twins love these pacifiers. The "handle" is the part that glows in the dark (not the whole pacifier). This feature makes it easy to find the pacifier if it falls out within the first hour of putting the babies to bed. My only complaint about the pacifiers is that there's a nose cutout only on "the top", but the babies are old enough to put the pacifiers in and take them out on their own, and the babies don't know there's a "right way".... so the pacifiers end up "upside-down" about half the time and slightly poking them in the nose. Other than that- the pacifiers are great. We boil them on occasion to sterilize."

  • Rating

  • Title: Great, comfortable and easy to find

    These pacifiers are life-savers at night. The glow-in-the-dark bit does not last that long but it does last a few hours if you've had them in a good light beforehand - or about 30 minutes if you have just had the light on for a few minutes. That makes them excellent at night as my daughter can find them in her cot and settle herself. Also they do shine and reflect the night-light a bit better than the non-night pacifiers and so even when the glow-in-the-dark has worn off Easy to clean too - although slight con is that every few days you have to clean out around the plastic bit as dust and other gunk tends to collect there. My daughter loves them and they keep her happy - how can you get more positive feedback?!"

  • Rating

  • Title: Glow in the dark

    Was suprise because wehn i turn off the light the holder was glowing.its nice cos in the middle of the night dont need to actually get up and find where is the pacifier went. Will recommend it

  • Rating

  • Title: good pacifiers

    I ordered these because I thought the glow-in-the-dark feature was cool. I was always loosing pacifiers in the crib at night. Unfortunetally, they don't glow for very long. About 10min. Also, only the loop glows too. I still like them though and my baby likes them. He likes to grab the loop and take it out of his mouth and try to put in back in. Funny because he is only 3 1/2 months old.

  • Rating

  • Title: Great for Bedtime

    My baby loves these binkies! He loves watching me hold them up to the light just before I turn it off and then seeing it softly glow in the dark. His bedroom gets pretty dark, so it's also nice for me that I can see where his face is based on the glowing ring on the binky. I'm also a huge fan of these Avent binkies (the non-nightime ones included).

  • Rating

  • Title: Backfired

    I only bought this pacifier because it was supposed to glow in the dark and I thought it would make it easier to find it when my daughter dropped it in the middle of the night. It does glow a little, but not for long. After a few minutes in the dark the glow disappears and in the middle of the night when you most need it it is long time gone. It also has a different shape than the regular Avent. It is not symmetrical and has an up and down side. So In a side note

  • Rating

  • Title: LOST its GLOW after we sterilized it!

    We were thrilled to find this product and see how it worked... until we sterilized it! It lost its glow after that and became a regular pacifier."

  • Rating

  • Title: doesn't glow

    It is a great idea to have a glow in the dark binkie for our toddler who awakes looking for it 1-2 times per night. Unfortunately it has never glowed in the dark for us. It is actually more difficult to find in the middle of the night because it is clear or a translucent blue color.

  • Rating

  • Title: A good purchase

    I like Avent pacifiers as they come with individual covers that keep them protected from dust and other contaminants. I did not find this in any other pacifier. This is especially useful when you need to throw them into ur handbag/ diaper bag without looking. The glow portion just glows for a few hours. so I have to still feel around searching for it in the dark which is a bummer. Not sure if other pacifiers glow all night through.

  • Rating

  • Title: Bedtime pacifiers? More like all day pacis

    My daughter loves these pacifiers. We've tried Nuks, Soothies, Gumdrops, but these are the only pacis she doesn't spit out or lose. We received a pack of them as a gift and we bought 2 more after. The glow definitely doesn't last, but I wasn't expecting it to. The design is very cute too. Overall, very happy with these.

  • Rating

  • Title: Avent pacifiers

    The nighttime pacifiers don't stay illuminated very long in the dark. After charging the glow in the dark handle it stays glowing maybe 5-10 minutes. And only the handle glows.

  • Rating

  • Title: I keep coming back to these

    Neither of my kids are super pacifier dependent, but I've used the Philips AVENT with both for a few reasons: 1. There is no ""right side up."" Because when that baby needs a pacifier 2. Handy carrying snap-on cover. I'm not into sanitizing everything every two seconds (hell 3. Maybe it's just my good luck 4. The glow in the dark ring is cool. First

  • Rating

  • Title: Actually hard to find in dark

    When my baby looses the pacifier at night I'm having a hart time to find it in the dark. The clear material is absolutely invisible on our crib mattress cover with colorful patterns. The glow feature is also not working at all. The handle stay illuminated only for few minutes after exposure to a very strong light

  • Rating

  • Title: can do better

    i thought these looked pretty cool when i first saw them, but once i got them i realized not only are they lame, but they are annoying as well. the only part that glows in the dark is the dinky little "handle"...on top of that, the shape of the pacifier makes it so they are only meant to go one direction, with the flat side up. this is annoying, especially fumbling around and trying to get it back in the baby's mouth at night. get the ones that aren't curved on the bottom so they work either direction.

  • Rating

  • Title: Not worth it....

    The part that is supposed to glow barely glows at all. If you look really hard you can kind of see the glow. Save your money and buy regular ones at Walmart

  • Rating

  • Title: breast fed baby accepted

    My baby refused every style pacifier we tried, except this one. Not sure why but this was the winner! The nipple is nice and long, slightly tapered, and soft. I doubt it very realistically mimics a real nipple, however, whatever quality my son was searching for in a pacifier, this offered it. I have nothing to say about the glow in the dark

  • Rating

  • Title: re: pacifiers

    bought these for my niece's baby shower, her mom loved them because they glowed in the dark,so they were easy to find in case the baby needed it

  • Rating

  • Title: Good Quality

    Avent is one of the best quality for baby items. it also glow in the dark so you can find it easily.

  • Rating

  • Title: perfecto

    brilla en la oscuridad cuando mas necesitas encontrarlo, tiene un tamaño ideal y trae tapa, es perfecto para mi bebe.

  • Rating

  • Title: Doesn't really glow

    The pacifier itself is great, but it doesn't really glow in the dark. I was hoping it would help me (and my baby) find it when he drops it in the middle of the night, but it does not glow at all.

  • Rating

  • Title: Nice pacifier!

    Product is a bigger version of the 0-6 months pacifier i liked those pacifiers so i bought the 6 - 18 month pacifier and the baby is happy can't ask more than that!

  • Rating

  • Title: Pacifier

    Nice design , great fit in the mouth, lights indeed up in the dark, has easy cap to keep clean when not in use. Delivered as promised

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